This is the bread and butter of your music- the track where your vocals sit. You can find instrumentals online now days, but it can take so much time finding the right one for you! I personally will create and produce a track specifically and solely for you and your vision. As a multi instrumentalist and music theory lover, I bring more than just software instruments to the table. I am well versed in piano, guitars, and drums, all across multiple genres. We will take the time getting the exact sound just for you! I also have many connections locally and across the U.S. of other super talented musicians that I hire out to put their work on projects I do with artists. You won't hear these sounds and these melodies anywhere else in the world!



Getting the perfect vocal recorded can take time, and studios that charge by the hour can cramp on creativity because you're worried about your wallet. Not with me. With my own industry standard equipment, we will track vocals until they are right and sit exactly where you want them!

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The Mixing/ Editing process is essential in taking your song to the next level. This ensures  the song's elements sit well together and that the song sounds polished. Think of it like applying Photoshop after a photo shoot-- your song is great, this just enhances it! My job will also be to add color to your recording. It won't just be a bland mix, I wanna make it pop and give it excitement so that the listener keeps listening.
Things included in this process: EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Panning, Vocal Tuning, & Special FX (Distortion, Chorus, Saturation, Exciters, etc.)



Mastering is the final process in all production for any genre. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Essentially, I wanna make sure your song will stand up to the industry standard of music quality! Whether it's in a club, in the car, on your phone, or in a stadium, your song will always sound how you want it to!