Nathan Simms was born in Moscow, Russia December of 1998. After being adopted and brought to the States before the age of 2, he developed an interest in music very early in his life. As his mother pushed him into piano lessons as a small child, the interest quickly became a hunger to create his own music with as many instruments possible, as he began to teach himself many instruments including drums, guitar, and bass. Nate also fell in love with Hip-Hop and R&B, collecting samples and CDs to listen to whenever he could.

Although he always knew he wanted to pursue music as a career, Nate knew at the age of 18 exactly the avenue he wanted to take on. Using high school graduation money, he got a laptop, Reason, and started seriously making beats and learning how to record/ mix. After linking up with a notable local artist named “Yung Kriss”, Nate began production for Kriss’ second project “The Jesus Exchange” (2018) and instantly gained the confidence he needed to start to share his talents.

Nate became more than just a beat-maker, he was able to take the smallest ideas an artist had and bring them to life; from beat composition to a final master, Nate could do it all. As he continued to create other projects with Yung Kriss, he also began to work with other artists and expanded his catalog. His production credits continue to grow, as does the artists he creates with like JAMS The Flava Child, Andreas Moss, Trent Monroe, Nikal Feildz, Emilio Rojas, & Kid Retro. Nate has now surpassed over 750K streams across all of his work and this is “just the start”. Nate continues to focus on growing his network while building and creating with many independent Hip-Hop/ R&B artists. He also is expanding into other avenues of production, including sound design and film composition.